Who Is Grandma Bowser?

There really is a Grandma Bowser! She lives in Pennsylvania, and like
you, she is a dog lover. When Grandma opened her cupboard searching
for healthy dog treats, the cupboard was bare. Wanting the very best for
her pets, she spoke with a licensed animal nutritionist and learned how to
combine wholesome ALL-NATURAL ingredients into flavorful healthy dog
biscuits. Hurriedly she went home to whip up her first batch. Healthy aromas
filled the kitchen as Grandma’s dogs sniffed around the doorway. When treat
time came at last, the dogs went wild! Word spread quickly, and soon
Grandma’s young company was born. Today, her wheat, corn, soy, and
preservative-free dog treats can be delivered right to your door!

What’s In Our Biscuits?

Our gourmet dog Biscuits are made from 100% human-grade ingredients
and baked in our licensed bakery in Pennsylvania. All of our ingredients
come fresh and are chopped and prepared in house. Nothing comes pre-
packaged. “It’s Like a Granola Bar For Dogs.” But actually, it’s far better,
because we add a specially formulated Vitamin and Mineral Supplement
to our treats. Our Senior Dog Formula is low in fat, high in fiber, packed
with special nutrients and anti-oxidants, and includes Glucosamine and
Chondroitin to promote healthy joints. All of our Biscuits are absolutely
free of artificial flavorings, preservatives and added sugar. You can be
confident that you are giving your “Very Good Dog” a treat of the
highest quality!

Our History

Grandma Bowser’s first went to market back in the 1990’s. We
produced one of the first dog treats ever using only healthy, natural
ingredients, a vitamin and mineral supplement, and with no added
preservatives. The product was enthusiastically accepted into major
outlets such as Giant Eagle in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio and West
Virginia, Tri-County Markets in New York and New Jersey, Rich Foods
in Virginia, and nationally through Target. Our Mission Statement was
simple: “Provide the tastiest, healthiest, all-natural, nutritional dog
treats ever, and make them available at an affordable price”.

Though the company enjoyed significant sales, by the time we got
finished paying the costs associated with national marketing, there was
little left for Grandma! We decided to withdraw from Target and the
other remote outlets in order focus resources closer to home. What
happened after that was absolutely amazing. Howls and yelps of sadness
began pouring in from all over the country!

Unfortunately, competing with the “big dogs” at that time was just too
expensive for a small family-owned business. We serviced our family of
customers by mail order for several years, and then came the sad day we
quietly closed our kitchen.

There is good news. One thing that Grandma Bowser did not have back
then was the power of the Internet! Now by way of e-commerce, we are
once again making her delicious and nutritious dog treats available to the
public. We have even improved on the original formula, and invite
comparison to any other!

So there you have it. Grandma Bowser’s Country Oven Bisquits (For
Very Good Dogs!) are back on the market. And you may rest assured
that they will remain so, with absolutely no compromises in quality or


A portion of our profits are donated to facilities and causes that benefit
underprivileged and abused animals. Learn more >>